5 Really Useful Apps for Growing SMEs

Starting up a business might be the hardest thing you ever do. Luckily there are some apps out there that make life a little bit easier. If you are a small business owner, make sure you check out these great apps and see if you can save yourself a little extra work: we know you have enough on as it is!


  1. Squarespace

For many ventures, having a good website is business critical. Being a small operation, you’ll often need to make changes to your site while you’re away from a computer. Squarespace lets you maintain your website on the go, from adding blog posts to removing items from your e-commerce section.

  1. Tiny Scanner

If you need to scan a document away from the office, tiny scanner is your best friend. It’s free, and uses your phone’s camera to produce professional-level pictures of hard documents you need to turn into electronic form.

  1. Square

Whether opening a popup store or selling tickets at an event, Square gives you a small card reader that, combined with the app on your phone, allows you to make quick transactions anywhere – you don’t even need an internet connection.

  1. If This, Then That (IFTTT)

Every business feels like it could benefit from a few more hands on deck – small businesses even more so. IFTTT saves you time by linking apps like Twitter and Facebook, and automating actions with logical rules. For example, “If I tweet, I also post it on Facebook.” Handy when you don’t have a lot of time to spend on your company’s social presence! Plus, it’s free.

  1. Street Invoice

Invoices can take up a lot of your time. Why not streamline the whole process and charge clients with a nifty app like Street Invoice? It lets you store and send smart-looking invoices on the go. Customers can even sign the documents using your touchscreen device. Then you can just send the invoice to them via sms, email or chat.

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