A Private Client Referral That Lasted the Test of Time


Our clients are a married couple based in the South East of England. They have enjoyed successful careers and have accumulated wealth after a number of years. They are now enjoying this in a comfortable retirement. In early 2015, the clients were using the services of a solicitor to review their will with the hopes of establishing a trust fund.

Following consultation with the solicitor, the clients were referred to gpfm, where they were introduced to Chartered financial planner, Simon Frost. Initially, the clients had a no-obligation meeting with Simon, and following this, they decided to retain his private finance services.

Key challenges

In the first instance, the clients faced two major hurdles. Primarily, they were looking to review their wills in order to leave money to their grandchildren in a trust fund.

The second challenge faced by the clients was that they were looking to improve their tax situation to increase tax efficiency across their portfolio, which includes property and other assets further afield. They had various investments, lots of paper and a need ideally for a little more income.

When their solicitor introduced them to gpfm’s Simon Frost, the clients were impressed by his honest, approachable manner. He didn’t hide behind technical jargon, and could communicate complex issues with clarity.


Across both the primary and secondary challenges, Simon communicated effective financial management strategies. He quickly established the clients’ trust fund to their specifications, and became the manager of that fund.

Secondly, Simon discussed the clients’ taxation needs and – following an evaluation of their financial assets – was able to consolidate their payments to provide one holistic view of all their monetary activities. The clients now feel more financially agile thanks to gpfm’s involvement.

The clients now feel like their initial objectives have been satisfied and they are very happy with gpfm’s work.

Working with Simon and the administrative team, they have been especially pleased with their open, respectful nature, and their preparedness for each meeting, guaranteeing a positive outcome and value for money.

The clients look forward to working with Simon and the gpfm team moving forward, and recommends their services to other individuals seeking personal financial management services.

A quote from the clients:

“Simon and the gpfm team have been energetic, enthusiastic and forward-looking in their approach to trust management and personal financial management, and we’re eager to have their help on an on-going basis. They’ve been excellent value for money so far and we’d recommend their services to others in our situation.”

About gpfm

gpfm are an independent financial planning company dedicated to the provision of personal, professional and objectively-driven advice for our clients. We have been awarded the Chartered Financial Planners title by the Chartered Insurance Institute for offering high quality, informed advice that meets the needs of our clients.

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