Andrew: Early Retirement Case Study

After commuting and working for many years as an investment advisor in London, in 2018, Andrew moved to a new role in St Albans (close to home in Hitchin) for more space and a better work/life balance. It was then that he spoke to Emma Saunders, a Financial Planner here at gpfm to discuss his plans for retirement and to make some immediate changes to his financial circumstances that would set his future course in place. Here, Andrew explains how things have developed, making his plans a reality. 

What first made you consider early retirement? 

In many ways, I think we only get one shot at life, so if you get to a point where you can afford to live comfortably, why would you not take the opportunity to stop work and have more time available to yourself? The unprecedented events of the last year have reaffirmed this view – you never know what’s around the corner, so make the most of what you have now. 

When did you realise that this was possible for you? 

I had a recent review and discussion with Emma Saunders. She provided me with some really helpful illustrations that showed me retirement was within reach. It was really reassuring to get a positive answer. In that sense, my future is in my own hands now. With Emma’s help and advice, I have arrived in a much better place with a more secure financial footing. I’ve had very clear constructive advice from Emma throughout which has contributed to a change in lifestyle and a clear understanding of my financial future. It’s been really positive for me, both mentally and physically. It’s helped me get to a place where I can now look forward to the future with real confidence. 

What are you looking forward to in your retirement? 

From a family perspective I’d like to spend more time supporting my parents. At the other side of the age scale, I’ve just become a grandad, so my partner Yvie and I would like to spend more time with our grandson and support my daughter and her partner. I’ve also got my hobbies, so whilst I’m still fit and well it would be nice to have more time to enjoy them. I play golf, I do a lot of road cycling – it’s something I’ve always enjoyed. Last but not least, Yvie and I will have our time to spend together, enjoying our garden and spending more time with our friends. 

What’s your advice for others considering early retirement? 

As soon as you start giving retirement any thought, you should ask your financial advisor the question. They’ll help you find out whether or not you’re in a position to properly plan for retirement and what else you need to do to set you on the right track. Fortunately for me, and with Emma’s help, the answers have been positive throughout.