Brenda: Private Client

Brenda came to gpfm looking for specialist advice concerning her financial future and was interested in discussing the Inheritance Tax which could potentially be paid by her Estate.
Her objective was to find an investment which would reduce the Inheritance Tax ultimately payable whilst retaining access to the capital invested. Luckily, she had come to the right place.

Key Challenges
Inheritance Tax can end up costing loved ones hundreds of thousands of pounds. It is the tax paid on assets (after allowances have been deducted) when someone dies. Assets include any cash you have in the bank, your investments, properties, businesses that you own, your vehicles and any pay-outs from life insurance policies (if not written in the appropriate Trust).

There are various methods which can reduce the level of Inheritance Tax payable by one’s Estate – this being Brenda’s primary aim and objective. Brenda wished to reduce the liability, while also retaining access to both the capital invested as well as any growth achieved within the portfolio.

Scott at gpfm used his expert knowledge and several home visits to accommodate Brenda’s particular needs and come up with the perfect solution to her problem and reducing the inheritance tax liability.
The solution Scott advised proved to be the right fit for Brenda and satisfied all her requirements.

Quote from the client
Brenda was particularly pleased by the service provided to her by Scott and gpfm, who visited her at home and set up ongoing annual reviews to make sure she really felt taken care of.
“I found Scott to be very informative and he always explained things in simple language. I feel I can contact him with any financial matter.”

About gpfm
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NB: For the purpose of privacy, the client’s real name has been changed in this case study.