SciBite Case Study


The company specialises in Text Mining, Semantics and Data Intelligence. They have created a semantics-based informatics environment in which text and structured data are easily connected and can be used together for better-informed decision-making.

Their semantic solutions understand the complexity and variability of content within Life Sciences yet are still simple to use. The team quickly identify and extract scientific terminology from unstructured text and transform it into valuable machine-readable data.

Key challenges

In the early day, Senior Executives within the company, Rob and Lee, were dedicated to attracting the right people. It was around this time that Rob wanted to enable the company to provide the right kind of benefits for employees. Benefits such as a great pension scheme, due diligence and market research and ability to scale-up the business.

As a current private client of gpfm’s Director and Chartered Financial Planner, Simon, Rob was confident that gpfm financial planners could meet their professional requirements.


Now with a team of 16, additional offices in Tokyo, Japan, and Boston USA (to open in Feb, 2017), the company, through using gpfm, offers all staff great pensions, with new starters receiving support on a personal level. The pension scheme needed to be competitive and gpfm have delivered a market-competitive pension scheme, enabling them to attract the right quality of talent.

In addition, gpfm have helped the company to provide directors with policies and insurance too that protect both them and their shareholders. As the company grows, gpfm have ensured that the organisation’s finances and employee benefits meet all legal requirements, as well as maintaining the same high level of face to face contact and responsiveness for the employees that was available at the beginning of the partnership.

A quote from the client:

Rob says, “I enjoy the interaction with Simon at gpfm. gpfm come across as very trustworthy and they do their homework whilst maintaining a personal level of service. They are quick to respond and I’ve got no reason to fault them. An absolute pleasure.”

About gpfm

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