Vincent and Rosie Williams | Case Study

What made you want to consult with a financial planner?

Over the years, we would receive paperwork about our pensions and simply file them away for later. We, perhaps naively, assumed that a pension was the golden ticket to retirement. However, after reading into the fine print attached to our final salary pension plan, we realised that we wanted to have more control over our money than what a pension could offer.

What specific challenges urged you to speak with a financial adviser?

We both come from a background in finance, so we have a good handle on a lot of different principles. However, our pensions were something that seemed so far away for so long that we lacked the motivation to dig into it, then were left feeling overwhelmed by the situation.

Ultimately, we found out that, on our pension plan, we would not be able to pass leftover funds down to our children if anything happened to either of us. Instead, the money would go back to the bank – this was a big realisation that pushed us toward speaking with an expert.

How did you both initially feel about investments?

Initially, we were both very sceptical about investments. It was extremely important for us to wholeheartedly trust the adviser taking our money into their hands. It can be quite scary to move the money you’ve worked your whole life for out of the classically safe scenario.

However, once we got in contact with gpfm, we immediately felt a connection of mutual respect and trust that made us feel a lot more secure.

What have you been able to achieve by working with gfpm?

We are now in a great position where Rosie is retired, we have purchased a property in Spain as part of our retirement plan and Vincent knows he can retire whenever he wants, he just isn’t ready to yet.

We have regular meetings with Scott and he shows us that we can spend what we want and quite often more, without worrying about running out of money in later life. The cashflow forecasts he uses provide a great deal of comfort to us as we can easily see if we are making the right financial choices.

What has made your experience with gpfm special?

Working with Scott Atkinson as our adviser has been extremely easy and enjoyable. Quickly, we built a great deal of trust in him personally and in gpfm. As trust was hugely important to us, we knew immediately that we were in the right place with our money.

Scott takes the time to explain every fact and figure to us in layman’s terms, while remaining personable and truly taking an interest in our lives. In the end, we would consider Scott a friend as well as a trusted financial adviser.

Would you recommend gpfm to a friend?

Without a doubt, we would rate gpfm extremely well to anyone. Finances are so deeply important that we would only recommend a service that we believed wholeheartedly in – gpfm is that and more.