COVID-19 Posts

The Slow Return to Work

As the Covid-19 situation continues to unfold, the most recent change has been the gentle lifting of restrictions to try and get economies back into gear. On both sides of the Atlantic progress in getting back to work has been slow and patchy. This is not going to be a sharp V-shaped recovery from the […]

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COVID-19 – Market Update 29/04/2020

The FTSE 100 has pushed back through the 6000 barrier to 6017, meaning a recovery of 1024 points since the low point on 23 March 2020. Great news but to be viewed with an air of caution as we begin to see some results reporting from the big companies.

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Avoiding Coronavirus scams – 24/04/2020

Staying Safe from Scams During COVID-19 As most of us spend this time staying inside our homes, and only leaving for essential shopping or to exercise, we are spending much more time online and on the phone. As a result, on Friday 20 March, the City of London Police reported a 400% increase in scams […]

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COVID-19 Investment update

A week is a long time in the market now, so we feel that regular updates are more important than ever.

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Behavioural Biases

From everyone here at GPFM, we hope you are well. As a team we want to offer our congratulations to everyone for staying at home where possible and suffering this ‘short-term discomfort’ to achieve all of our various longer-term goals.

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COVID-19 Update

We’re still deep in the pandemic, this is a once in a lifetime public health emergency. In the investing world this is called a ‘Black Swan’, something you thought was impossible, until you see one.

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