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Helping Your Employees Work from Home This Winter

For many, working from home has been a welcome change, helping to redress the work/life balance and eliminating long commutes and rigid working hours. However, there are downsides. The shutting of offices may cause employees to feel disconnected while the lack of a definite cut-off point may cause work to bleed into leisure time.   

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A Guide to Zoom Meeting Best Practice

In these times of social distancing, we have all become familiar with video calls in some capacity. Whether we have been using FaceTime to connect with friends and family or Zoom to conduct business meetings and medical appointments, we have all had to adjust to communicating via a screen.

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Could Redundancy Mean Taking Early Retirement?

Along with furlough schemes and business bailouts, redundancy has been a very real part of 2020. Redundancy carries with it a certain set of rules, including redundancy pay for anyone who has been at their job for two years or more. This is usually:

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New National Lockdown: How will the Furlough scheme change?

The introduction of new UK lockdown measures on November 5 herald yet another period of uncertainty for employers and employees nationwide.

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How to Trace a Lost Workplace or Personal Pension

The most important part of planning for retirement is knowing how much money you will have available. Travel, healthcare, day to day living – these all depend on what you have saved and will have coming in from any pensions you may have.

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An Introduction to Employee Benefits

Simply put, employment benefits are additional forms of compensation offered by employers on top of a normal salary. These become more and more important as companies compete globally for the best talent, making these benefits essential to most organisations’ reward strategy.

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