Companies with Famous Employee Perks

Giving your employees great perks for working with your company is more than just a way to incentivise them to perform better. The right employee benefits can help raise your organisation’s profile, improve employee retention and attract the best new recruits.

Here are some businesses that use employee benefit schemes to their fullest potential and are reaping the rewards.

  1. Netflix

Subscription streaming service Netflix are famous for giving their employees an entire year of paid parental leave to new parents. Compare that to the UK’s legal entitlement of 18 weeks of unpaid leave per child (and only 4 weeks per year) and the appeal becomes immediately obvious.

  1. PwC

In a bid to attract highly educated graduates, PwC have a bold scheme where every year a graduate stays at the company, they receive a $1,200 payment on their student loans.

  1. Pinterest

Pinterest, the visually innovative social network, attracts an army of young creatives and developers with their promise of unlimited Apple products for employees.

  1. Foursquare

Geotech company Foursquare aim to create a communal environment and strengthen team bonds by providing free lunches, encouraging everyone to eat together at the same time. The lucky employees are also treated to unlimited snacks and beer as well as a subsidised dinner every night after work.

  1. Google

Perhaps the most famous employee benefit scheme in the world, Google employees have a lot to be happy about. Free meals, pet-friendly offices, and free massages are just the beginning. Should a Google employee die, their family will receive 50% of their salary for 10 years.

A competitive benefit scheme is essential to both attracting and retaining the best employees in your industry. While these sorts of employee perks might make headlines, getting the basics right can have a huge effect on employee morale and retention. Healthcare, life insurance and income protection can all contribute to making yours an industry-leading team.

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