How Green Initiatives Can Help Your Business

Heading into 2022, individuals aren’t the only ones trying to figure out ways that they can apply the ‘new year, new you’ mantra to their habits. Businesses are more eager than ever to become leaner and greener. Fortunately, green initiatives don’t only help the planet, they can also aid in future-proofing your business model for years to come.

Employee satisfaction

As the climate crisis intensifies, increasingly more individuals are calling upon businesses to do their part in saving the planet. Because many people are passionate about the topic of sustainability, implementing small measures like labelled recycling bins, re-usable coffee cups or a tree planting activity at lunch can significantly boost morale, leading to less employee turnover. Putting green initiatives into action are a great way to keep socially active employees happy and proud to work for your company.

Minimised costs

Going green is commonly associated with huge upfront costs. However, that is not always the case. Certain eco-conscious swaps can actually immediately reduce spend for a business. Switching to remote work can lower energy usage, emissions from transportation, and costs for office space rent, all at the same time. If your business chooses to stay in-person, purchasing reusable cutlery or bulk, unpackaged snacks can equal out to the same cost as less sustainable options up front with greater returns in the long run.

Brand recognition

Everyone loves a company that cares. Employees, consumers and investors alike all may feel a bit fonder towards a business that puts being eco-conscious at the top of their to-do list. Whether your industry targets active customers or operates from business to business, there is always someone to impress. Being known for something that betters the world one step at a time can be a great way to create a positive impression before you step foot in the door.

Decreased waste

If you’ve ever seen the mountain of misprinted files or abyss of plastic cups from the water cooler in your office, the environment is likely feeling those effects already. Not only can single-use materials and paper-focused work be harmful to the environment, but it can also negatively impact your businesses’ bottom line. Waste is waste and decreasing it by going paperless or using reusable alternatives may keep the Earth and your wallet in a better place.

Greater sustainability

Sustainability doesn’t just apply to the environment; it can apply to the future of your business. By utilising the transition to alternative, smarter energy or being an early actor for ethical business policies, you can work toward building a company that weathers the ages, as opposed to choosing options that fit with the status quo.

If you are looking to build green initiatives into your business, consider speaking with a trusted financial advisor to detail the costs and benefits for your specific situation.

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