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In today’s increasingly complex world it’s easy to be concerned about your finances and what the future might hold.

Perhaps you’re in a stage of transition, possibly nearing retirement or seeking a career change. Unfortunately, not all transitions are planned – such as divorce and bereavement – but these life-changing events impact financial matters and advice is paramount.

At gpfm, we enable you to gain clarity by helping you to define your goals, then organise your financial resources so that you know how to achieve them. We work with you over the long-term, empowering and liberating you to make decisions about your future and your finances.

Whether you require professional retirement planners, advice with your private pension plan or help with an unforeseen financial circumstance, gpfm can help. As an independent firm, you can rest assured our advice is unbiased and focused entirely on helping you to achieve a life balance. Our financial planners work with you to tailor solutions to meet your needs. Contact us and allow us to welcome you to the family.


Case studies

Vincent and Rosie Williams | Case Study

After long careers in the finance industry, Vincent and Rosie Williams reached the age where retirement was no longer a speck in the distance. Rather, it was a part of life that was quickly approaching – and they wanted to be prepared for it. To give themselves the best odds for a secure and on-time retirement, they chose to trust their hard-earned funds with a gpfm financial adviser.

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