Retirement Planning

You have the questions, our retirement planners have the knowledge, expertise and technology to provide the answers.

Many people have a pension plan but it just sits in the bottom drawer gathering dust. A pension is like a car: it should be reviewed and have an ‘MOT’ on a regular basis. If it’s not up to the job, change it! Some questions to consider are:

  • When do you want to retire?
  • How much income do you want in retirement?
  • Do you have old pension plans that need reviewing? What are my retirement options?
  • Can I work part time and take some of my pension?
  • How much will my State Pension be? Where is my pension money invested and is it growing?
  • Can I retire early?

If you haven’t reviewed your pension for years, is it too late?

The answer is…. it’s never too late.

Due to the recent changes in pensions regulation it is essential now more than ever that you seek some independent financial advice when approaching retirement.

The options available to you at retirement are endless, from purchasing an annuity with a guaranteed income for life, to having the flexibility to draw what you want when you want it. At gpfm we pride ourselves on getting to know you, your circumstances, your needs and objectives so that we can find the right solution for you.

In the past, we have helped people to retire early by making their pension fund work for them and they have been forever grateful. No one ever says ‘I wished I had worked for longer!’

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