Trust and Charity Financial Services

We act as a conduit between investment houses and trustees of many charities and trusts. Our job as advisers is to ensure that the investment houses selected continue to deliver reliable, prudent and risk-managed returns for the trustees and ultimately the beneficiaries.

Being a trustee can be challenging. In particular, the Trustee Act, 2000 requires all trustees to obtain and consider ‘proper advice’. We can provide this advice and ensure you fulfil your legal duties and responsibilities.

A Portfolio to Suit Your Organisation’s Needs

We work with trustees to gain a full understanding of their requirements; then we help design an Investment Policy Statement. This statement is used as the ‘basis for tender’ to various investment houses. We then help trustees decide which investment house is most suited to their needs and construct portfolios to help achieve strong returns for the appropriate level of risk. We are mindful of income requirements, restrictions, ethical considerations as well as risk and the levels of volatility trustees are happy to accept.

Exceptional Client Service

When we welcome a new client to the gpfm family, our focus is on forging close long-term relationships with trustees, offering assistance both initially and on a regular basis as investments and trust aims have to be continually reviewed. Contact us today for a no-obligations discussion.


Case studies

Case Study 13: Private Client

Background The client turned 60 in June and came in for pension planning as she had pensions with Zurich that she didn’t know how to access or track down. She had never handled the finance in her household and had little experience managing her affairs. Key challenges and solution The client met with Amy McKinnon, Chartered Financial Planner at gpfm. The client had high protected tax-free cash, therefore gpfm recommended retaining the pension. Using cash flow modelling, Amy explained how the pension would help provide an income in retirement and explained the policy she had. Why gpfm? After having gpfm recommended to her, the client said “I’ve recommended gpfm to several friends. I was in no way pressured or pushed; I was able to make my own choices. I had never dealt with a Financial Planner before, I didn’t know what to expect – I was very impressed.” Quote from the client “I turned 60 back in June and, looking at the paperwork from the pension provider, it might as well have been written in Greek. I didn’t know what to expect – I’m a very practical person but financial things mean nothing to me. I was apprehensive before meeting with Amy at gpfm, and I was worried about being baffled. Instead, it was simple, easy, and made me feel like I wasn’t so stupid after all.” If you would like to speak to an adviser about your finances, please get in touch by calling 01992 500261 or emailing us at This article is for information only and must not be considered as financial advice. We always recommend that you seek independent financial advice before making any financial decisions.  *Please be advised by clicking this link you are leaving the gpfm financial planners page. About gpfm  gpfm are an independent financial planning company dedicated to the provision of personal, professional and objective-driven advice for our clients. We have been awarded the Chartered Financial Planners title by the Chartered Insurance Institute for offering high quality, independent and informed advice that meets the needs of our clients.

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