We're having the fun that we planned to have

Hi, my name is Nick. I’ve been working with GPFM since the beginning of 2018, I’m working closely with Scott Shadwell, who’s my financial planner.

I wanted to obviously look at the future and make sure that I was going to be financially secure. But importantly, lead the lifestyle I’ve been living for the last 30/35 years. So, we want to continue that in retirement and enjoy travelling, but be reassured that the financial situation was in a good place, was being well looked after and they ticked an awful lot of boxes.

I did some research, and they were attractive for a number of reasons. They had an office, which was important to me, and it was fairly local. They were Chartered financial planners and that gave me some reassurance.

There were no wild claims. No “yeah, we will promise you this.” It was pretty straightforward from the beginning; this was going to be a long-term investment. Investments go up, they go down. We started a very in-depth risk assessment, which led me to how much I could really trust where my money was going to be invested. That was very, very useful. So, from that first conversation, and the first introduction to Scott, I felt comfortable, it felt right.

I feel in control of my financial situation. I get some very good, regular updates on market conditions. It feels like GPFM are taking me and working with me in the right direction.

Scott is always at the end of the phone should I need advice. Scott offers me regular updates on market conditions, which is most useful but I can pick up a phone and know that Scott will get back to me if not immediately, then very quickly, and that’s very reassuring.

I think the financial future for me is, again, looking very much in line with my expectations. We’re doing stuff that we plan to do. We’re now beginning to travel more, now that the Covid restrictions are out of the way. We can treat the grandkids, we can treat our own kids, and we’re having the fun that we planned to have. When we walked into retirement, it was a big whole new world and there were challenges. I feel so comfortable and happy and I feel in control.

Three phrases or words I would use to describe GPFM are honest, integrity, and good fun.

The best piece of advice is, “don’t panic until I tell you to panic,” and that hasn’t happened.

I would recommend GPFM for anybody who’s looking for financial advice, whether it’s through a business, whether it’s through retirement. They’re Chartered, so I know that the people who are offering advice are well trained to give that advice. They’re a small, independent company, they’re a local company, they’ve been about for many years, and they’re easy to deal with, very open and upfront and honest.