HRJ Foreman Laws Case Study


HRJ Foreman Laws is a Hertfordshire solicitors firm based in Hitchin and Welwyn Garden City. The company today is the result of several prestigious mergers. Hawkins & Co. was founded in 1591, making it the second oldest law firm in the country. It later acquired Russell Jones of Welwyn Garden City becoming Hawkins Russell Jones.

Hawkins Russell Jones merged with Foreman Laws in 2013, becoming one of Hertfordshire’s leading law firms. Today HRJ Foreman Laws is known for its wide range of high quality legal services and its wealth of experience.

Key Challenges

gpfm were introduced to Director of Wills, Trusts and Probate, Robert France when Gerald Pepper was in charge of the business, cross referring clients where applicable.

Their relationship strengthened when Scott Atkinson and Simon Frost took over the business and most recently, as a group, the business guided HRJ Foreman Laws successfully through their firm’s auto enrolment process without a hitch.

Mr France (and others working in the business) as well as clients of the firm required private and confidential financial advice from gpfm.


gpfm initially became involved with the HRJ Foreman Laws team as a result of numerous client cross referrals. They have worked with HRJ Foreman Laws to offer an independent financial advice arm to their solicitors’ service. Many of Mr France’s clients were in need of financial advice regarding their trust funds and personal savings. The advisors at gpfm were able to provide an experienced, authoritative opinion. The arrangement was mutual, with gpfm able to recommend HRJ Foreman Laws as a solicitor to their clients.

Finally, with 100% positive client feedback, gpfm were asked to advise in the private finances of a number of the members of the HRJ Foreman team, including Director Simon Cousins, and Robert France. They are still working with the solicitors in this capacity.

A quote from the client:

“Scott, Simon and the whole gpfm team have approached us, our business and our clients with an unrivalled level of expertise. We became good friends through our businesses and we trust them to help both us and our clients. The advisors and their support team are professional and understand the needs of our business and our clients – they’re always there when we need them. We couldn’t ask for more of them.”

About gpfm

gpfm are an independent financial planning company dedicated to the provision of personal, professional and objectively-driven advice for our clients. We have been awarded the Chartered Financial Planners title by the Chartered Insurance Institute for offering high quality, independent and informed advice that meets the needs of our clients.

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